Past Projects

Thanks to the support of so many, we have already managed to raise thousands of pounds for some wonderful causes, both here and overseas:

Ghana minibus

We raised a whopping £11,000 and purchased a 20 seater minibus for an orphanage in Ghana. Not only has the bus facilitated access to school for the local community, it has given the children in the orphanage the opportunity to enjoy excursions such as a trip to the beach.

Kenya desks

We purchased desks for 60 children at the wonderful Amilo Village School, Kenya, where infants had previously had to sit on wet, muddy floors.

Morgan’s therapy

We have recently funded 6 sessions of music therapy for Morgan Bishop, a gorgeous local boy from Tadworth who suffers from chronic eczema and has a life threatening kidney condition.

Birthday sponsorship

Through our birthday gift scheme we have bought, wrapped and hand-delivered over 200 individual gifts to underprivileged children worldwide! That’s a whole lot of smiles!

Beds and sheets

We built bunk beds and purchased mattresses for an orphanage in Accra so that the children no longer needed to sleep on the floor. We have also provided colourful, vibrant sheets to brighten up a kids’ hospice in India.

Days out

We are all about bringing laughter to kids and have arranged various fun days. These have included picnics for orphans in India, day trips to the beach for children in Ghana and activity days for the siblings of terminally ill children at UK hospices – a chance for them to experience some laughter and normalcy.

Colour therapy

We have paid for over 30 colour therapy workshops at Tadworth Court hospital, Surrey; the hands on sessions, which use colour and music to aid rehabilitation are a huge success with children who have sustained brain injuries or have life limiting illnesses. We’ve also put on a Christmas panto for them!

Clothes and toys

We have been fortunate enough to collect dozens of black sacks full of clothes and toys donations which we have distributed to hundreds of disadvantaged children across the world.

Sunshine home

After some huge fundraising efforts form our supporters, this year we built Sunshine Home, our HIV mothers’ home in India. Not only is this a safe house for women who have been widowed, abused or ostracised, it provides the mothers to be with the medication required to prevent transmission of the virus to their babies. On our visit to officially open the home we had the honour of meeting Rebeka, our first HIV guest!

Current Projects

We are also looking at expanding our sponsorship scheme in order to help support more children living in poverty. If you would like to sponsor a child by donating £5, £10 or £20 a month, please let us know, The money will help pay for education, food and toiletries. You will recieve a monthly update on how the child you are sponsoring is getting on with photos showing how your donation is spreading some sunshine!

Birthday sponsor
If you would like to spread some sunshine to a child living in poverty by buying a birthday gift, please contact us.

Sunshine House
We are currently raising funds to build a house for young HIV mothers in India who have been widowed, ostracised or abused. At the home, ten women can receive love, support and most importantly the medical care required to prevent HIV being transmitted to their unborn child. Please contact us to get involved.

Future Projects

We will continue doing all we can to carry on supporting the projects we have been involved with to date. However, we are always keen to spread the sunshine even further so if you know of a great cause and think we can help, please let us know!